My life :)
After about 2 years of absence…

I’m back to the tumblr world, yayyy

S.H.E Selena <3

S.H.E Selena <3

crush and/or like can b many ppl, but love is only one.
"海派甜心" 羅志翔, "Hi my Sweetheart" Show Luo
long time no c!!!
dont know wat to post&#8230; so heres a picture from andrew hung

long time no c!!! dont know wat to post… so heres a picture from andrew hung

"Even if we are apart, our hearts can meet together anytime."

                            - Jason Huang


"Some say that life is like a game, but thats not true. Even if you stumble, you can always start over, like a da capo. Because it doesn’t start with a zero."

SNOW 1/9/11 !!!!!

OMG!!!!! SNOW IN PLANO FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2011!!!!! but unfortunately the snow is starting to melt and PISD is gonna have school tomorrow…..

Day 2: Relationships

havent had any since its the 11th hour into 2011… didnt have one in 2010 either

godd bye 2010, i will always remember u welcome MMXI!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1: A few things you will never forget in 2010

i will never forget the time that summer and winter break started. i also will never forget that we had snow in the middle of March.

good bye 2010, i’ll miss you :’(